Birralee Piccolos

Our Birralee Piccolos are in Prep - Grade 1 and have lots of fun at their weekly rehearsals! Read on to find out who they are, what they sound like and when they rehearse!

Who are they?

The Piccolos are an un-auditioned group of children ranging in age from 5 to 7 years. (Prep to year 1)
With an emphasis on fun and good music literature for children, the Piccolos make a beautiful sound for such youngsters. As they develop their confidence and love for singing in a disciplined and fun environment they are also learning the fundamentals of music literacy and aural perception.

During the Piccolos rehearsal the children are encouraged to participate in games, singing and to get physically involved in the creative music making process. The activities are aimed at their level of development, supporting their music growth as well as their emotional, social and physical development.

They are also given an opportunity to sing specific tunes and lyrics which have a performance outcome at concerts. 


What do they sound like?


When do they rehearse?


Rehearsals are held at two different times and locations (choose which location suits you best). 

Wednesday 4:00pm - 4:45pm (during school terms)
Bardon Headquarters - 57 Carwoola Street, Bardon

Saturday 1:30pm - 2:15pm (during school terms)
Eagle Junction State School, 49 Roseby Ave, Clayfield

Artistic Staff
Conductor: Katherine Ruhle

Volunteer Team
Managers: Louise Newmann (Wednesday) & TBC (Saturday)
Student Assistants: Adiya Graf (Wednesday) & Lizzie Ryan-Budd (Saturday)


How to Join

Is your child interested in becoming a Birralee Piccolo?

Contact Us to organise a trial lesson at your preferred rehearsal venue.

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